Alcohol Dependency Aggravates Anxiety Disorder And Panic Attacks


People usually think that drinking alcohol calms their nerves and helps them to get relief from anxiety which leads to alcohol dependency. Finally, when they stop drinking, they may experience dangerous alcohol withdrawal symptoms for which they need to be closely monitored in rehab by professionals. Panic attacks are among the many challenges of alcohol withdrawal that an addicted person may have to go through while they try to gain sobriety.

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Effects Of Alcohol On The Brain

Alcohol alters the levels of serotonin hormone and other neurotransmitters in the brain. People think alcohol can calm their nerves and hence, find an excuse of drinking. However, the effect of alcohol on your brain aggravates anxiety disorder.

This condition of anxiety disorder due to alcohol can be one of the dangerous symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and can last for several hours. When someone has taken alcohol for a period and abruptly stops drinking, their anxiety levels can be increased by alcohol withdrawal.

Alcohol Dependency Leads To Panic Attacks

Alcohol and anxiety are closely connected which leads to panic attacks. Individuals with alcohol use disorder who later try to quit their drinking habit often have to struggle with panic attacks and agoraphobia which is an anxiety disorder with fear of being in a situation. This is when an individual goes through the fear of losing control even if there is no danger and has strong reactions resulting in a panic attack.

Panic attacks due to alcohol withdrawal are common as the brain becomes overwhelmed. The symptoms can be more severe that can damage mental and physical health like damage to the liver, gastrointestinal tract, or heart. Hence, it is important to get professional help for a supervised detox process where the symptoms are taken care of in and healthy environment.