A comparison of different water heaters


The purpose of a water heater is to generate hot water for your home. Cold water is stored inside the heater and then the heater will use gas or electricity to warm the stored water.

The warm water will then be pumped throughout the house when the hot water nozzle is turned on.

With both electric and gas water heaters you may be wondering which option is right for your home.

3 Types of water heaters

Tank less – A tank less water heater comes in three styles: electric, gas, and propane.

Just as the name expresses, these water heaters do not have a tank to hold water. Instead, the water is heated through a pipe system that runs with your homes water lines.

Hybrid – A hybrid water heater is a combination of a tank less and conventional heater. The biggest benefit to this style is its storage capacity. The unit has an extra storage tank of hot water, so your home never runs out.

Conventional – These are the most popular type of water heaters homeowners have. They stand out because it is a tall water tank normally found in a basement or utility room.

With a conventional water heater, you have the option of a gas or electric version. Gas has been proven to be more energy efficient and economical of the two.

Are you looking to have your water heater replaced or wanting a water heater repair appointment scheduled? Contact your local heating and cooling company to discuss your options.