9 Home Improvement Gifts To Consider For New Homeowners


Moving to a new house is a strenuous ordeal. As much as it is a bliss to finally have a dream house, it is equally exhausting to convert it into a home, more personal and exclusive to you. This event is, undoubtedly, a huge step towards the future.

If you are going to be a part of your dear friend’s housewarming bash and are stumped on what to get to your dear friend, here are 7 things we suggest that are as thoughtful and useful to be presented as a gift. Take the guide:

  • Engraved Name Plate

For the proud first time home owners, a name plate with their name engraved is one of the most valuable utilities. To be able to have that feeling of ownership after years of hassle can easily be rewarded with a wooden name plate adding the year when the event took place.

  • Floral Diffusers

For sure, they would accumulate all the basic essentials for the house. You can add to the aesthetics and vibe of the home by gifting something positive as floral diffusers. Help them make the home smelling good with floral diffusers all the time. Gift them more than one or two variants of floral essential oils like rose, lavender, lily so that they can switch between the fragrance as per their choice and feel serene in their space. 

  • Succulent Pots

The new dig calls for a touch of greenery. Give them a set of cute indoor succulents and add positivity to their space. Plants are excellent gifts as they not only shoot up the aesthetic appeal but also contribute in a lot of ways by improving concentration, reducing stress, purifying air, helping sleep better and so forth.

  • Storage Baskets

We aren’t talking about plain ones. You can opt for braided jute foldable baskets that not only serve as an important utility for a new home but also lifts the decor accents of the space. They can instantly come into use with storage of books, laundry, toys and so forth.

  • A Happy Doormat

Get invited to all the future parties with a gift of a funny doormat that talks about how happy they are to see you. And of course, they won’t deny what the doormat says for them. Quotations like “Yay, It’s You”, “Come In, You Awesome Friend!” are some of the quirky ideas to have you feel welcomed all the time.

  • Large Photo Frames

The walls of a new house must be drab, awaiting to be decked with something beautiful. Choose from tremendous options online and surprise them with online gift delivery in Gurgaon, Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad or anywhere your friend has got the home. Alternatively, you can also find customised bottle lamps that you can get delivered for a happy and thoughtful surprise.

  • A Chocolate Box

Chocolate always works. Gift them a box of luxe chocolates for a sweet start of the happy journey. You can opt for a customised chocolate box with congratulations written in blocks or create a basket of popular chocolates and tie them  with a bow. 

With these beautiful and functional picks, make sure to contribute to their new setup in the most thoughtful way.