8 features that can boost your business of professional office cleaning services


Running a business is like running a marathon that never ends. No matter how exhausting it is you need to keep going every day. There is so much to manage in one particular moment. One of the important things to manage is the cleanliness of the offices and other working spaces. Most entrepreneurs are nowadays relying on professional cleaners for their getting the job done the best way. Getting business and office cleaning with JAN-PRO like professionals comes with numerous benefits. The rising demand has drawn attention of several promising entrepreneurs to try their luck in the field of professional office cleaning. With multiple options for the clients and cut-throat competition, you need to offer nothing less than excellent services and special treatment to bring in maximum business. Here are some features that can give you an edge over your competitors.

  • Reliable services

Reliability is crucial. When a client call for your cleaning services, he/she is trusting you for the job. You need to provide the services without delays and cancellations. Make sure that your staff is responsible. Any delay can potentially cost the business of the client and so yours.

  • Transparent policies

Be truthful and honest with your client. Tell them all the details of your policies to ensure a hassle-free accomplishment of tasks and payments in the future. When your terms and conditions are clearly stated, the client is more likely to invest in long-term business relations with you.

  • Honest and affordable pricing

With numerous companies providing professional office cleaning, you need to be reasonable with your price. Also, remember that your client is paying his/her hard-earned and would expect value for money. Deliver the services that justify your rates. Also, disclose all kinds of costs to the client beforehand. Any hidden cost makes the client unhappy and creates distrust.

  • Flexible plans

Every business has different requirements. You should be able to adjust and accommodate the needs of your client. Your team should be able to handle any unforeseen condition if arises. You should be able to adjust to the client’s schedule and any urgency that needs rescheduling.

  • Detailed operations

Have a team that has an eye for the details. Often people who hire professional cleaners what nothing but the best. Paying attention to the fine details in the job is what you are being paid for.

  • Customer services and values

The customer is your asset and earning. Ensure that your staff welcomes your customers with a smile and treats them with respect. Be polite with them and answer all their queries regarding your working and payment systems. Any request from long-term customers should be responded to as soon as possible.

  • Working scope

Many businesses have different types of work areas that have different kinds of cleaning specifications. Your team should be skilled enough to address these varying specifications and provide a thorough cleaning of all blocks of a business.

  • Ample staff

You also have to have sufficient staff to address large companies with several offices. The same is needed to be able to cater to multiple clients at the same without delays. You should have enough manpower to complete the tasks in hand within the given timeframe.