8 Exciting Activities in Bali Nature Tourism


Who is not familiar with the natural beauty of Bali? Besides being able to spoil the eyes, nature tourism in Bali is equipped with various exciting activities to pamper the visitors. Anyone will feel at home in Bali for a long time!

Well, here are some exciting activities that you can try while on vacation on the Island of the Gods:

  1. Rafting Tour on the Telaga Waja River, Karangasem

For rafting activities, the Telaga Waja river has a river character different from other rivers in Bali. Like the Ayung river in Ubud and the Melangit river in Klungkung district. Telaga Waja River is located in the Karangasem district and offers the longest rafting route in Bali.

The Telaga Waja river track is approximately 16 km. To complete rafting along the rafting track on the Telaga Waja river, it will take two hours or even up to 2 hours 30 minutes, depending on the speed of the river current when rafting.

  1. Rafting Activities On Ayung River Ubud

Rafting activity on the Ayung River is better known as Ayung Rafting Ubud because the location of the river is in the Ubud area of ​​​​Bali. White water rafting on the Ayung river Ubud is preferred by tourists who want a less extreme rafting activity. In addition, the Ayung river Ubud has a breathtaking view, with lush trees, and there are carvings on the river walls.

  1. Parasailing Tanjung Benoa – Popular Bali Nature Tourism

The location of parasailing game activities in Bali is centrally located on the Tanjung Benoa beach. Parasailing is the activity of flying in the middle of the sea using a parachute. To fly a parasailing umbrella, a rope will be tied to the parachute and then pulled by a speed boat. In Tanjung Benoa there are two types of parasailing rides, namely:

  • Single parasailing, participants fly one person.
  • In a Tandem parasailing adventure, participants fly two to three people together.

  1. Seawalker/Ocean Walker

Seawalker game rides are also known as ocean walkers or marine walks. Seawalker rides are activities to walk on the seabed using an airtight helmet. Seawalker games are preferred by tourists who do not have diving experience but want to feel and see the beauty of the sea scenery directly. There are two famous locations for Bali sea walker activities:

  • On the Sanur beach known as the Sanur Ocean Walker.
  • Tanjung Benoa Beach is known as the Tanjung Benoa Seawalker.
  1. Banana Boat

When you have a vacation in Bali, Banana Boat is something you cannot miss. A banana boat is a type of rubber boat that looks like a banana. The activity of riding a banana boat is much liked by tourists on vacation with family, especially when on holiday with children. A rope will be tied to the boat and then pulled by a speed boat to move an inflatable boat. The center of the banana boat activity is also located on the Tanjung Benoa beach.

  1. Tour to Tanjung Benoa Turtle Island

One of the favorite natural tourism activities for Indonesian tourists while on vacation to Bali with family is participating in tourism activities to the turtle island in Tanjung Benoa. When you visit the turtle island of Tanjung Benoa, you can see the green turtle breeding grounds and other animals. To get to the turtle island location in Tanjung Benoa, you have to take a glass-bottom boat.

  1. Riding a Jet Ski

Of the many rides for marine tourism, the most popular among Indonesian tourists are riding a jet ski in the middle of the sea. There are two popular locations for jet skiing on the island of Bali, namely on the beach of Sanur Bali and the beach of Tanjung Benoa. However, the location to ride a popular jet ski with tourists is in Tanjung Benoa because the price is lower than Sanur Bali.

  1. Snorkeling

There are many snorkeling spots in Bali such as in Nusa Lembongan, Tulamben and Amed, Padang Bai, and Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua. However, not all snorkeling locations in Bali are suitable for beginners. Then how about you, are you good at snorkeling or a beginner at snorkeling activities? If you are a beginner or have never done snorkeling activities, you will ask!

One of the recommended snorkeling locations in Bali for beginners is on the Tanjung Benoa beach, Nusa Dua. Tanjung Benoa Beach has very calm sea waves, as well as shallow sea waters. This makes Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua very suitable for beginner snorkeling locations. Besides the location is ideal for beginners, the price of snorkeling at Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua is also very low.

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