5 Step Sugar Detox Process


People are mostly aware of the side effects and hazards of consuming sugar. Many health diseases can be associated with overconsumption of sugar such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and dental issues, etc. The list can even extend further if we go on to explain the details. Since this blog is focussed on finding a suitable sugar detox process that can help most of the people in avoiding their sugar cravings, we will discuss further on those lines.

Step I. Prepare your mind for the detox:

We can achieve everything in life but, we can achieve only when we are prepared for it. If you have a special affinity towards sugar-based diet then you will find it really difficult to change your habits. However difficult it may be, not impossible. You must tell yourself about the hazards of sugar and how it is affecting you and your family. Other than that you need to prepare your mind to empower you by saying ‘yes’ to the process of detox and ‘no’ to sugar. It does not mean that we are scaring you of getting deprived of something you love so dearly. The process will be gradual and results will be everlasting. Therefore, just start it with small steps and the first one is to prepare your mind for it.

Step II. Include High Protein and High Fibres in Your Morning Diet:

You might have realized that many people reach out for something sweet in the morning first. The main reason for this craving is the high amounts of insulin and lesser carbohydrates that developed during the night because of no eating. In order to compensate for this loss of energy, the body tends to crave sugary food. Instead of this, while you have understood the con intentions of your cravings, opt for protein and fiber-rich diet. Fiber helps you in feeling fuller for the day and protein helps in compensating for the lost energy. We will rather suggest you have a heavy breakfast full of protein and fibers. This step is very important in sugar detox process.

Step III. Do not let yourself starve of carbs and fats even for a minute!

Sugar detox does not mean that you let yourself get starved. Even if you are leaving sugar for getting rid of obesity, you need to understand that some amount of healthy fats and carbohydrates are needed for our body to replenish the lost energy. Carbohydrates in the food that we intake combines with the oxygen that we breathe to produce energy which is needed to carry out day to day life functions with ease. Therefore, just avoid unhealthily and plenty of carbohydrates. Include moderate and natural carbohydrates and fats such as vegetables, fruits, and some whole grain food in your diet. Satiate your sugar cravings with sweet fruits such as cherries, lychees, mangoes, etc.

Step IV. Reduce stress:

Stress and overburden of work and performance tend to make us consume more sugar. For example, if you are in a desk job you might consume plenty of coffee and tea without any count. we suggest you reduce the stress and alternate the stress buster food with some healthy smoothies, green tea and maybe fresh fruit extracts.

Step V: Drink a lot of water:

Sugar detox is incomplete without mentioning of water consumption. Drink a lot of water and other healthy fluids in order to avoid the sugar cravings from your body. When your body will be sufficiently hydrated, your tissues will hardly crave for anything else. Moreover, water helps in cleaning the stomach of unwanted toxins and makes your body healthy and fit.