5 Reasons Why Autumn Walking Helps Strengthen Your Joints


As the days grow darker and the temperatures get cooler, it may seem like an outside walking routine is a bad idea. After all, one in five Americans on average have arthritis. It would be better for your joints to stay inside then, right?

Well, surprise! Years of scientific research shows that walking in the fall is great exercise for your joints and provides many benefits. Our orthopedics in Brooklyn can agree. Here are five reasons why.

  1. The Risk of Bone Disease is Reduced

Arthritis, osteoporosis, and similar bone diseases are rampant in America, but there is good news. A simple walking regimen as little as 4 hours each week can decrease the risk of developing these diseases. It may even help to reverse its effects.

  1. It Decreases the Risk of Fractures

Walking is a weight bearing exercise. It strengthens the muscles around your joints while they support your bones. That muscle also provides some cushioning and padding, so the risk of fracture is much less. Studies show that people who take walks every week had a significant reduction in fracture risk than people who stay indoors.

  1. It Reduces Back Pain

Did you know that walking also fights and prevents back pain? In fact, just one walking session can lower back pain by 10 to 50 percent! It also helps improve posture and flexibility.

  1. More Walk-Friendly Environments

Gym treadmills are redundant, flat, and boring. Walking outdoors, however, provides a rich variety of terrain. Dirt pathways, crunching leaves, and grass help exercise the complex muscle fibers in your body. It’s what your body is used to.

  1. And You Feel Great!

Aren’t the sights and sounds of fall invigorating? There’s a reason why we enjoy hearing the leaves crunch and the colorful tree leaves. Science shows that getting out into nature stimulates our senses and heightens the production of endorphins, or good-feeling hormones that help out your skin, bone, brain cells and more. Added bonus: spending more time outside means you breathe in cleaner air than indoors, allowing your body to clean out more bone-harming toxins.

Walking outdoors in the fall – and any time of year – provides a host of benefits to take advantage of. It’s easy, stress-relieving, and a fun activity for all ages. So kick back, grab a cup of pumpkin spice latte, and take a walk outside to admire the seasonal changes! Stay tuned for more info about bone health, orthopedics in Brooklyn, and more right here on our blog. Got questions or need to schedule an appointment? Contact our office anytime. We’re pleased to assist you!