5 Best Rakhi Gift Ideas For Brother & Sister


Rakhi is one of the unique festivals for every brother and sister out there. The day will be filled with positive vibes between the two legendary fighters who perform the wrestling session live at home. The celebration is usually performed in August for embracing and emulsifying the best bond. On a particular day, brothers and sisters wear new clothes and get blessings in the presence of their elders (like grandparents, parents, and the elder ones in the family). The sisters perform the traditions with family members for their well-being and apply a “tilak” on their forehead. The tradition continues by taking aarathi, sharing sweets, and finally ties the rakhi on the brother’s wrist. Once the rituals are done, the brothers give gifts to their sisters. Here are some rakhi gifts ideas from some of your favorite, trusted sites for providing the best rakhi designer gifts for brothers and sisters.

  • Rakhi:

There is a wide range of online sites which could be the best way to buy rakhi online during the COVID times. Even if you are stepping out, make sure to put on your masks, and sanitize whenever you exchange products from outsiders. There are many types of rakhi online like natural stone rakhi, cool rakhi with the word bro or Bhai, cartoon or superhero rakhi, and there are also personalized rakhi which has the name printed on it. Get these from a trusted site to make sure they are of good quality and worth the price.

  • Gift for brother:

If you are looking to buy some gifts along with rakhi, various options are available. For example, you can get some of your brother’s or favorite pictures with your brother printed in some frames. If you are going to make your brother’s alone, you can look for some catchy, beautiful quotes or words like best bro or favorite brother, etc., on the frame. There are also some printed coasters which for sure he will cherish for a more extended period.

  • Gifts for sisters:

If you are looking for gifting your sister and have no ideas about this, this will surely help you decide or finalize your gift. Look for some picture frames like making a collage of all her favorites, and I am sure she will help you during some last moment scolding. Also, there are some super-cool collections of jewells like earrings or rings. I am sure you want to make her funny but happy too. Look for some caricature frames, which will make you laugh and love her madness at the same time.

  • Decor Gifts:

Decors are everyone’s favorite. Even though you have many items in your home, a new gifted one will surely put a smile on your face. Gift them some colored lights, fairy lights, or a moon lamp which gives a beautiful meaning of you being a light for some of the darkness. Explore from the collections and choose which could make your loved ones shout in joy.

  • Other Favourite:

I will not end the ideas since I have a large bucket of them in my gifts. Some of the other things which could make our loved ones happy are their favorite person or quote print posters, cute lapel pins according to their profession, pocket watches for people who love to collect things, and many more.