3 Things That Really Make the South What It Is


The American South has an iconic personality to it that anyone can recognize without much work.  What causes it to be like that?  Although many may say the south is simply a geographic term, it’s an entirely different culture from the rest of the country.

These are the top three things that make the south what it is and why it’s such an incredible place to live.

How is the South Defined?

Although the exact borders are often argued, the south is usually agreed as mostly southeastern states below Maryland, and then Oklahoma and half of Texas.  Many states fall in and out of whether they’re considered southern or midwestern, or mid-Atlantic, but generally, the south can be more easily defined by where the cultures are most similar and fall along with the same ideals.

1- The Amazing Food and Culture

Southern food is like a hug from your stomach to your heart.  From the warming love of shrimp and grits to the amount of work and care that goes into laminated biscuits, living in the south gives you the chance to enjoy the best food in the country. 

2- The Long and Intense History

The south has a long history that’s often a source of arguments and fury.  Although people will debate what the south stands for: it’s important to remember that this part of the country is full of all kinds of people and isn’t a monolith.  Some may be scared to live here because they don’t know if they’ll be accepted, but you can always find someone else like you. 

3- The Sense of Community

One of the most iconic parts of living in the south is the thick sense of community.  You do what you can to support those you know, and you work to offer aid when you can.  Although it can feel exhausting when you have to give support: being supported by others when you need it is an amazing feeling.  It’s like an extended family that helps one another.

What’s It Like Living Here?

Whether you’re considering moving because of the low cost of Knoxville real estate, or you’re eager to try a new and interesting area: the south has a lot to offer!  The main thing to know if you’re moving south is that the summers are long, hot, and thick.  Most of the south is extremely wet either because of being oceanside, being built on a swamp or bayou, or being on the gulf.  This can mean thick heat that can be overwhelming if you’ve never had it before.  

Beyond this thick heat, living in the south feels like the perfect balance between work and play that ensures you never have to feel bored or burned out.  You’re always a short drive away from a fishing trip or taking time to enjoy the fresh air by hiking, camping, or anything else you could want to do.  The outdoors are a large part of living in the south. 

The South is an Incredible Area

Whether you want the warmer area or you’re a fan of the workplace life balance that’s so easily found here: it’s easy to fall in love with the south.  Consider moving here and getting yourself a slice of this amazing place soon!